About the Beagle


Country of Origin...The beagle has been a popular rabbit-hunting English dog since the 1300's. Beagle's have been around in America since early colonization and have grown to become one of the most popular American pets. Their strong sense of smell and excellent temper make them popular drug sniffing dogs. Famous beagles include Snoopy, Disney's Beagle Boys and President Lyndon Johnson's beagles.

Size...The beagle has a shoulder height of 13-15 inches and weighs 20-25 pounds. Beagles have a square muzzle, round ears, slightly curved, cheerful tails and round feet.

Coat...the beagle has a short, hard, sleek, weather-proof coat which may be any hound color. Tricolor (white, black and brown) is common, or a combination of white and yellow, orange or red.

Character...The beagle is sociable, cheerful and independent. Beagles are very active and seem to be always ready for a walk or game. Beagles are attentive but never belligerent. They have a distinct bark when on the trail.

Temperament...the beagle should undergo early socialization with other household pets, especially cats or other small non-canine pets they will share the home with. Beagles are friendly to dogs and children as well as strangers. Bred as a pack dog, the beagle thrives on companionship with humans and pets...especially other beagles. They have a generally happy, lively demeanor and their tails are usually up and wagging.

Care...The beagle should have it's coat brushed daily and ears cleaned regularly. It should be bathed with a damp cloth occasionally. Beagles are generally very healthy but are susceptible to vertebral problems and hip dysplasia. Beagles live 12-15 years.

Training...Though at heart they are independent hunting dogs, beagles are very suitable pets for the home. They are stubborn by nature and learn best from obedience classes. Beagles are eager to please and behave well once trained, aside from occasional mischief.

Activity...The beagle needs lots of exercise and loves to go for spirited walks.


Why choose a beagle for your companion?


They love people and they are a low maintenance breed of dog. They are great dogs for kids of all ages as they are cheerful and gentle. The Readers Digest lists them first in their Top 10 dogs for families with children.

They are fairly minimal shedders. We have never had a problem with dog hair over the time we have had Ava.

The best home for a beagle will have people to play with (or another beagle) and room to play. They don't need a farm to run on as they will do just fine with a fenced in back yard. They are a working dog so they do need exercise if they are staying in an apartment with you.

Following are some advantages/characteristics of a beagle...

-extremely friendly dogs

-great family pets especially with children

-fairly minimal shedders

-love human relationships

-get along well with other pets including cats

-there is a variety of sizes from 10-15 inches

-they are hardy and can live outdoors even in cold climates if provided appropriate shelter


Following are some disadvantages of beagles...

-they have an unbelievable nose and love to follow scents (especially rabbits)

-easily distracted by scents

-loud bark when they bark but generally they will not bark unless chasing a rabbit (the only time Ava has ever barked is when she is hot in pursuit of a rabbit)

-not a good dog if you are unable to provide plenty of exercise and companionship

-can be difficult to train (but Ava was quite easy for basic commands)